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There are many ways to use essential oils in the home, with or without the advice of a professional therapist

However, it is important to become familiar with the properties and safety of the oils during use. Having done this, the use of essential oils can be both fun, comfortable and useful.
In the bathroom.
What most people think of is the use of a few drops of essential oil in the bathroom, but there is so much more to it than just choosing a random essential oil and adding a few drops to the water! After body massage, the use of essential oil in the bathroom is the most effective and comfortable form of aromatherapy. The therapeutic effect of water and baths is well known, but when you use essential oils in addition, the experience is very special.
Aromatic baths are both simple and the variety is almost endless. A bath with essential oils can be relaxing, stimulating, refreshing and have an aphrodisiac effect. You can treat various skin problems and aching muscles, but the most common application is still soothing stress baths with essential oils.
Adding essential oils to the bathroom is very easy. Fill the tub with water and then add 4-8 drops of essential oils just before you sit down. Stir the oil into the water by hand, as the essential oils are not soluble in water. Do not add the essential oils too soon, as many of the oils will evaporate.
You can also make a bath oil using, for example, almond oil. Take a child spoon with almond oil and add 4-8 drops of essential oil. Then add this mixture to the bathroom. A classic soothing bath mix is 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of geranium and 2 drops of chamomile essential oil.
Aroma lamps and fans.
Other ways to use the essential oils are via aroma lamp (tea light lamp), aroma fan and aroma diffuser. These are all comfortable and natural ways to scent rooms.
Aroma lamps are often made of ceramic or stone and consist of a lower chamber with tea lights and a bowl of water. When the tea light is lit, 8-10 drops of essential oil are added as desired on the water surface. As the water heats, the essential oil evaporates and scents the room. Lemon grass is an effective oil that keeps insects at a distance, while geranium and bergamot essential oils neutralize cigarette smoke and unpleasant odor. To reduce pathogenic bacteria in the air, tea tree oil, rosemary or eucalyptus is recommended. And to create a soothing atmosphere, you can try incense or sandalwood essential oils.
Aroma fans are suitable for scented larger rooms. Here, 10-15 drops of essential oil are applied to a replaceable filter that is in an air stream. A good use of aroma fans is for waiting rooms and the like where many people gather. The use of tea tree essential oil will significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infection via air.
Aroma spreaders are often bottles of blends with essential oils where the oils are drawn into bamboo sticks. The essential oils will evaporate over time. These are well suited for bathrooms and toilets where the use of unattended aroma lamps can be a risk.
Room spray.
The easiest way to use essential oils in the house is probably in room sprays. These are simply glass bottles of spray filled with water with essential oil. The effect is less powerful than with aroma lamps and fans, but some prefer less scent and also the sprays have immediate effect. It is important to remember that the essential oils do not dissolve in water so the bottle must be shaken well before use. In a glass bottle of 100 ml with cold clean water, 50-60 drops of essential oil are suitable.
For a room toilet spray, a mixture of 20 drops of cedar, 20 drops of bergamot and 20 drops of sweet orange essential oil is recommended. For a sensual room spray, try 10 drops of rose blend, 10 drops of patchouli, 20 drops of mandarin green and 20 drops of sandalwood blend.
Fragrance for paper and bedding.
It is very romantic and receive a scented letter, or a gift with scented paper. Scented paper was very popular in the past before we started sending emails and text messages extensively. You will surely become popular if you use scented paper for appropriate occasions. Why not use some drops of essential Christmas oil on Christmas presents?
Alternatively, you can use some drops of essential oil on your bedding or why not your underwear!
Take some sheets of white paper or cotton pads and add 5-6 drops of essential oil. Place these in a box of writing paper. After a couple of days the writing paper has a delicate scent. Rose essential oil is very romantic, while lavender is more suited to grandma and aunts.
Put some cotton pads with essential oil along with the linens in the drawer and you will get a pleasant scent on the clothes. A mixture with a few drops of lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot gives a good scent. Alternatively, try a few drops of lavender 40/42 oil in the washing water in the washing machine.


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