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Lavender: A wonderful essential oil for your skin and home

Essential lavender oil is too good for us to ignore. It is excellent for your health, skin and even around the house.
Lavender essential oil is far too good for us to ignore. It is an excellent oil for your skin, health and even around the house.
Read on to find out what it can do for you and all the ways you can use it!
When you think of lavender, a picture of purple French fields might come to mind. This wild plant, with its distinctive purple flower, is common in the Mediterranean coast and in some parts of Africa, Asia and India. Lavender grows in dry fields and hills and enjoys the sun.
Lavender has the following medicinal properties:
Its primary characteristic is its powerful soothing powers, which have been known since ancient times. It was used in relaxing baths in ancient Rome. Lavender is useful for anxiety, insomnia, stress, etc.
In addition, it also has antiseptic powers that help disinfect, soothe and cure all kinds of cuts, burns, bites and bruises.
Lavender is antiviral and antibacterial, two properties that make it an excellent way to prevent and treat respiratory conditions, such as laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsilitis, as well as infections of the genital area.
It improves skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema by reducing inflammation and itching.
It promotes good digestion and soothes nerves that affect your stomach.
Lavender's anti-inflammatory and soothing goodness makes it an ideal essential oil to relieve pain.
It helps against car sickness.
Lavender lowers your blood pressure a little.
It prevents hair loss.
Lavender for your health
Lavender is good for your health
The most common ways to use lavender for health are:
In tea, against insomnia and anxiety.
As mouthwash, to reduce inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.
Relaxing massage with lavender oil to relax.
Anti-pain massage with lavender alcohol for rheumatoid arthritis pain, migraine, a stiff neck, and foot or back pain.
Lavender for skin and hair
One of the best ways to use lavender for skin and hair is to add a few drops of essential oil to your beauty products:
Face and body cream: It relieves tension, helps with skin problems and stimulates regeneration.
Shampoo: It prevents hair loss.
The oil also has the ability to enhance the effect of other natural components.
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Around the house
Lavender can also be used around the house
You can add lavender to the cleaning products you use around the house (detergent, softeners, air fresheners, bathroom cleaners) to give it a lovely smell and also help with the following:
Keep insects away.
Give your home a soothing environment.
Get rid of the fleas on your dog or cat.
It is easy to make small bags of lavender flowers that you can put in drawers and cabinets for a light perfume. There are also larger bags that can be used around your neck as a warm pillow to help you sleep better.


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