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Essential oils: Here are the uses

The possibilities are almost endless with essential oil. The most common ways to use them are for skin care, cooking and relaxation. Here are the tips.
In 2019, she "met the wall", looking for solutions for her own life. How could she take better care of herself? The answer she found in a natural lifestyle, and the use of essential oils is a big part of this.
She says that essential oils are extracts from plants, mainly flowers, roots and leaves, and the oil contains the smell or essence of the plant.
Set the mood
The ground recommends using essential oils in the sink. It provides good and fresh air and has cleansing properties.
- Lastly, we should not boast about the ability of the oils to affect mood, she says.
Another popular way to use oils is to set the mood. Here you can use different oils. Many people use a diffuser, a small container that is filled with water and a few drops of oil, and which sends out steam into the room.
- You can use oils to stress down and to find energy. Many of the oils have chemical components that have the effect of making the body relax, says Bakken, who himself has diffusers in every room.
Her favorite for energy in the morning is 2 drops of wild orange and 2 drops of peppermint. For quiet evenings, she recommends 2 drops of lavender and 2 drops of wild orange along with 1 drop of frankincense.
The ground is also a supporter of using spice oils in the food. She uses citrus oil in smoothies, in Greek yogurt or in cake filling.
- I also use different oils in the tea cup. It's really just the imagination that sets boundaries.
But here it is important to be extra careful, and to get some guidance. Susann points out that it is important that the oils you use are 100 percent pure. And remember that they are strong, one drop is often enough to do the job. But if you use oils in the food, you have to do some research. It is not enough that the bottle is labeled "100 percent organic."
Start easily
To get started using essential oils in everyday life, Magnussen recommends you first and foremost decide what you need the oils for. Do you want to use it in skin care, maybe make your own face oil or body oil? Should you use it in the bath water? Should you wear it in cleaning products, or just to give the home a lovely scent?
- For skincare, it is advisable to start with 1 to 3 oils, based on the specific needs of your skin. For cleaning products, you can think more about that it should provide fresh and good scent in the house, and preferably have some cleansing properties. Here, 1-2 oils are usually kept. If you are going to use it in a fragrance lamp you are basically free to choose for taste and pleasure


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