Essential oils for vitality and well-being

Then essential oils can be a good helper for a holistic lifestyle where you take responsibility for your own health. At least they have had a good effect on me on many levels throughout my adult life. When I say this, I mean that there is so much we can do for our quality of life by living a life where we know what strengthens and nourishes us. Increased awareness and knowledge of what is good for us and what actions are needed to create life-changing routines will, of course, help you to better health and improve your quality of life. I also believe that we should be incredibly grateful to competent doctors and an emergency medicine that I would not have been without and that has helped me and mine many times. I want to convey a balance between the natural sciences and the medical sciences. That we must take the best of both camps, and understand that one does not exclude the other. It is important to understand where the limit goes for what we can do for ourselves, and seek medical help when we need it. We can't handle everything ourselves.
I have been in love with essential oils ever since I was 19 and worked as a radio journalist in NRK Sogn og Fjordane. I have always been easy to get stressed out and it was a job that required a lot of a young and ambitious journalist spirit.
The neck was stiff and I had muscle knots between the shoulder blades and a head that grind on the strangest lines of thought both day and night. I was recommended by a colleague to go to an aromatherapist who combined this with classic sports massage. She had good hands with a firm grip on my stiff muscles, but best of all she introduced me to a world of essential oils. During her first hour, she opened bottle after bottle and asked me to smell and choose which oil appealed to me most. - How do I know then, I wondered. "You notice," she replied. Curiously, I sniffed bottle after bottle, and as I smelled Frankincense (incense) my lungs opened and my breathing immediately became deep. It felt incredibly soothing and I knew it was "my" oil. She massaged me with Frankincense every time I went to treatment and I bought both this and several other oils for my own use at home.
This is now 25 years ago and since then I have used essential oils for most occasions in my life. I have long and good experience in the use of several essential oils and now feel a desire to share how I have benefited from these faithful companions. But at the same time, I never get tired of exploring new scents and combinations. Often, the combination of two or more oils is very useful for increased power. I study natural medicine aromatherapy with the best Gry Fostvedt who has trained his students for 30 years here in Norway.
I will be publishing a new book in the winter of 2020 on My Life with Essential Oils. This journey towards a new book I want to share with you on my Facebook page: Essential oils with Gry Hammer. Feel free to follow me there and get inspired and gain knowledge about the safe and effective use of essential oils.
Remember that you always have to buy oils that are 100% pure oils from quality producers and that are not diluted. Also, make sure there are no artificial imitations. There is a lot of cheating on the market, unfortunately.
What are Essential Oils
Essential oils have a history of over 4,000 years, which probably goes back even further in time. In the Bible you will find 600 references to essential oils where they are associated with the treatment of illness and in religious contexts. They were also used as cosmetics and by embalming the dead. In Chinese literature, the history of essential oils goes even further back in time than Bible history. The oldest European written sources on essential oils date back to the thirteenth century and were used by both gloves makers, perfumers and in pharmaceuticals. It was known that most perfumers were rarely affected by cholera and other diseases and the reason for this was probably the good antiseptic properties that most essential oils possess. In the last 150 years we have seen several synthetic imitations of the known essential oils, and these unfortunately have several side effects. However, 100% essential oils can have a good effect both in medicines, in skin care products, provided they are used properly and dosed properly. Second-time and third-time distilled essential oils are also used in cleaning products and in food products. Since essential oils have a therapeutic effect, it is advisable to follow the directions of use from serous sources and manufacturers so that they are used properly.
In my upcoming book My Life With Essential Oils, I will teach you safe ways to use essential oils and it is important not to experiment with combinations and methods of use without knowing what you are doing. Take special care when using essential oils in children. Stick to safe and effective oils with good references from others.


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